TODAY AT 4PM: Ask the White House

As President Bush visits Maryland today to pay lip service to his record on job training and higher education, the White House website is soliciting questions for a discussion on job training that will be held today at 4 p.m. by the assistant secretary for employment and training in the Department of Labor. But President Bush has a dirty secret: to help fund his expensive tax breaks for the wealthy, in his most recent budget he actually slashed money from vital job training programs, college loans, vocational education, adult education and literacy programs. Instead of getting real education opportunities, under President Bush, millions of Americans now will lose out.

Let’s make sure that they aren’t getting Jeff Gannon-style softballs in this one! Let’s get some real answers:

After three years of freezing Pell Grants despite soaring tuition costs, will President Bush’s proposed $100 increase make a significant impact in the lives of students struggling to afford college?

If President Bush is truly committed to advancing our nation’s workforce, why does his 2006 budget propose cutting half a billion dollars out of federal job training funding?


Now it’s your turn, submit a question here.

Update: Read today’s Progress Report for more inspiration.