Today Is Apparently Starbucks Appreciation Day

Today is apparently “National Marriage Equality Day,” an opportunity to thank companies like Starbucks and Amazon for their support of marriage equality in the same way conservatives proudly embraced Chick-fil-A’s anti-gay condemnations last week. Organized by same-sex wedding magazine Equally Wed, the event has seemingly relied entirely on a Facebook event page. Without widespread promotion, public endorsements, support from national LGBT organizations, or any kind of media strategy, the day is in no way a representative response. Still, there’s never a bad time to support companies whose policies and spending support all families. Get all the details on Facebook.


Karen Ocamb takes the magazine to task for this poorly-marketed “marketing ploy”:

My concern is that this probably well-intentioned effort could be misused and misrepresented by the Religious Right and right-wing media to make us look feckless. Hopefully, next time someone decides to rename a day and act as if they represent the entire LGBT community, they might do some preparation first before alerting the media. These days, the whole world really is watching — including every move we make.