Tokyo tap water declared unsafe for infants

Meanwhile, Japan’s “nuclear boy” explains the crisis to children

The Tokyo government moved to stop infants from drinking the city’s tap water after levels of radioactive iodine were found to be twice the legal limit for babies….

Prime Minister Naoto Kan instructed Fukushima governor Yuhei Sato to order residents not to eat leaf vegetables harvested in the prefecture after radioactive materials far exceeding legal limits were found in 11 types of vegetables….

The US Food and Drug Administration banned imports of food and dairy products from around the plant yesterday as fears over the extent of food contamination continued.

The story is spreading, kind of like radioactivity. No doubt Ann Coulter is rushing to Tokyo even now.


Meanwhile, Japanese animators have created “Nuclear Boy” to explain the meltdowns to kids — or just to be absurd:

The Boston Globe reports:

The Nuclear Boy character was created by a Japanese artist, Hachiya Kazuhiko; in a New York Times interview, he explains that after he posted about Nuclear Boy on Twitter, one reader turned it into a comic strip. Then an anonymous professional animator turned the story into an animated short. (According to the website The Daily What, it’s been shown on Japanese national TV. I can’t confirm that, but it has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube.)

As always, it’s costs that remains the Achilles heel for nuclear power (see The Nukes of Hazard: Reports of nuclear Renaissance were greatly exaggerated; efficiency is 10 times cheaper today, renewables “costs are dropping fast”)

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