Toles: Warning Labels for Coal Power Plants

[Humorless sticklers can read “Tornadoes, extreme weather, and climate change.”]

While this is Toles’ cartoon for today, he actually had a “Friday rant: Dumb and glum edition” on climate change after reading an article on the oceans study that I also covered last week (see World’s oceans in ‘shocking’ decline, report finds ‘speeds of many negative changes … are tracking the worst-case scenarios’):

If Eskimos have 26 different words for Eskimo pies, Americans ought to have 2600 words for stupid. Honestly, I simply don’t know what to make of us. Anybody up for burning down our houses, sowing our soil with salt and selling our children into bondage? We might as well! About 71% of the earth’s surface is oceans, and now we’re ruining that too!

… Climate change (yes us), ocean acidification (carbon again! yes us), and overfishing (guess who?) should manage to turn this vast resource into a liquid desert. Yay team! We can do anything, gosh darn it, when we put our mindlessness to it! We sit at the pinnacle of human technological ingenuity, and never tire of patting ourselves on the back for it, and here we are, doing BY FAR the most damage to the planet of any generation in history.

But wait! Maybe it’s not true! Maybe American Exceptionalism means that WISHES can be FISHES! Close your eyes and pretend REAL HARD!

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Warning labels on the smokestacks are funny. Warning labels on the actual cars and appliances might be more shocking. What if there was a label on the oven or other appliance that stated the amount of CO2 produced to run your oven? Or car?


How about a counter on the gas pump that runs up the price, volume of gas and weight of CO2 produced by burning that gas?

Here’s a label that looks like a nutrition label for the cheeseburger.What if all our food came with carbon footprint labels. I once saw a website of a graduate student who was working on such a labeling system. I couldn’t find it for this post. The labels comes in green, yellow and red.​heeseburger_CF.html

June 27 at 9:15pmRichard Brenne

What can we put in all scientists, politicians and media members’ coffee that would make them as courageously candid, brilliantly blunt and ass-kickingly accurate as Tom Terrific? And how much could I get for selling my teenager into bondage?

June 28 at 4:28amGina Tippit Cronin

trying to do our share at….http://www.ranchodec​

June 28 at 5:05pmStacy Clark

FUNNY and SMART — thanks for sharing!

June 28 at 2:04pm


(Susan Anderson)Wonderful! Here’s another great labeling trick:<a href=”http://www.breathing​”>Breathing Earth</a>.

Just trying to learn how to do it. If it works, will share technique. If it doesn’t, try cutting and pasting the url.

July 8 at 8:15pm


oops, the labeling trick was the url, not the failed attempt to imbed it. My bad:


July 8 at 8:46pm

Paul Magnus

a taste of what’s to come soon to our coastlines…..http://www.huffingtonpost.​com/2011/06/26/fort-calhou​n-flooding-nuclear-plant-n​ebraska_n_884773.htmlJune 28 at 11:16am


Ode to ole A’Gore:​ch?v=jwpbfXFSSZA

June 28 at 5:10am


Coal, Gas, Oil — any form of fossil material, pose a national security threat, because the combustion of these materials create more extreme weather! Go Figure!

June 27 at 8:58pm


There’s one too many ‘Romm/’ in the link to “World’s ocean in shocking decline’.

June 28 at 5:02am