Tom DeLay: I Don’t Write My Own Blog

Criminally indicted ex-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) launched a personal blog yesterday. The new site seemed to mark a shift for DeLay: last year, he said he found the fact that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy “does his own research on the Internet” to be “just incredibly outrageous.” Now, DeLay says he wants to “be a role model that leaders ought to have their own blog.”

During an appearance last night on MSNBC, DeLay was asked about the mechanics of writing for his new blog. “Well, I’m not a very good writer,” DeLay acknowledged. “I have the ideas, and I have somebody else put the words together.” Apparently he still isn’t interested in doing research on the Internet.

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Full transcript:

BARNICLE:, right? Is that — is that the blog?

DELAY: That’s new today. Yes. That’s my blog that we came out with today. And we’re very pleased with it. We’re getting a lot of comments and a lot of hits on it.

BARNICLE: So, like, do you get up first thing in the morning and start blogging away? Or what do you do?

DELAY: Well, I’m not a very good writer. I have the ideas, and I have somebody else put the words together. But yes, we’re going to post a lot during the day. And we’re going to respond to questions and comments.

And it’s — the conservatives need to push back on communications, and we need to compete, instead of…

BARNICLE: You’ve got to be kidding me.


BARNICLE: I mean, look at — you’ve got Rush Limbaugh out there.

DELAY: Oh, yes. Radio talk shows are great.

BARNICLE: You mean conservative bloggers?

DELAY: In any media. If there’s a blogosphere, we are sorely lacking in enough conservative bloggers to offset the liberal bloggers that are there. And I want to set — be a role model that the leaders ought to have their own blog, and they ought to talk to people around the country on these blogs.