Tom DeLay: Newt Gingrich Was ‘Erratic, Undisciplined’

In an interview on KTRH-AM radio yesterday, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) went after his former colleague Newt Gingrich, calling him “erratic” and “not really a conservative.” Here’s some choice quotes from the former pest control company owner-turned-convicted felon:

Newt’s Erratic: As speaker, Newt “was erratic, undisciplined.” Gingrich would propose one agenda, the Republican leadership would prepare for it, and several days later, he would have a completely different agenda. “We spent a lot of time working with Newt, if you will, to keep him focused and keep him online with the agenda we had promised the American people.”

Newt’s Not Conservative: Gingrich is “not really a conservative,” but someone who will “tell you what you want to hear.” Newt stepped down as Speaker because “conservative Republicans, wouldn’t vote for him again.”

Newt’s Not Principled: “I’m not disparaging him, I’m just telling you who he is. He doesn’t stand on principle.”


Listen to the entire interview:

DeLay, convicted of money laundering last January and sentenced to three years in prison, is currently free on bail, pending appeal. Given DeLay’s record and ethics, perhaps he’s not the best character witness against Gingrich.