Tom DeLay’s Cigar Problem

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Karen Tumulty reports:

[S]ome sharp-eyed TIME readers were surprised last week to see a photo of the Majority Leader smoking one of Cuba’s best — a Hoyo de Monterrey double corona… The photo was taken in Jerusalem on July 28, 2003, during a meeting between DeLay and the Republican Jewish Coalition

Last year, Tom DeLay had some nasty things to say about people who engage in this kind of behavior:

Arguing against loosening sanctions against Cuba last year, DeLay warned that Fidel Castro “will take the money. Every dime that finds its way into Cuba first finds its way into Fidel Castro’s blood-thirsty hands…. American consumers will get their fine cigars and their cheap sugar, but at the cost of our national honor.”


To be fair, Tom DeLay may not have put any money “into Fidel Castro’s blood-thirsty hands.” There’s always a chance Jack Abramoff bought the cigar for him.