Tony Perkins: Questions About Obama’s Birth Certificate Are ‘Legitimate’

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins took a break from bashing gay people to attack the media for maligning people who raise questions about President Obama’s birth certificate, saying those questions are “a legitimate issue.” In an exchange on the American Family Association radio highlighted by Right Wing Watch, Perkins says:

PERKINS: [The media] have attempted to marginalize anyone who challenges this administration on those principles and that driving ideology. You know, it goes back to what they did to those that questioned the issue of his birth certificate. Look, I don’t know about all that, but I will tell you this, it’s a legitimate issue from the standpoint of what the Constitution says.

And I think what we’ve done is we’ve done great harm to foundation of our government by marginalizing and attacking anyone who brings up a legitimate issue.

Watch it:

Perkins’ FRC and other conservative groups like it are supposedly about supporting family values, but as Perkins’ comments demonstrate, they’re increasingly about attacking the president and the left. Bryan Fischer, the American Family Association’s Director of Issues Analysis has also gone down the birther down road, as has Bob Vander Plaats, the head of Iowa’s The FAMiLY LEADER.


The birther conspiracy theory has had a bit of a resurgence lately, with several GOP candidates and even two sitting congressmen raising doubts about the legitimacy of Obama’s birth certificate in the last few months.