Torture Advocate John Yoo Lied To Congress To Cast Aspersions On Philippe Sands’ Credibility

Last week, while testifying before Congress, torture fanatic John Yoo sought to discredit torture critic Philippe Sands by suggesting Sands had lied about interviewing him. Rep. Steve King (R-IA) used the allegation to claim it “would perhaps reflect on the veracity” of all of Sands’ allegations:

YOO: I did read Mr. Sands’ testimony before this committee, and I noticed in the testimony he said that he had interviewed me for the book. And I can say that he did not interview me for the book. … So I didn’t quite understand why he would tell the committee that he had actually interviewed me.

KING: And with that answer, Professor Yoo then, I’m going to interpret that to mean that at least with regard to that statement that he had interviewed you, you find that to be a false statement, and that would perhaps reflect on the veracity of the balance of the book.

Watch it:


Yet, as MoJo blog points out, Sands never said he had interviewed Yoo for his book. Rather, Sands said, “[o]ver hundreds of hours I conversed or debated with many of those most deeply involved. They included…the Deputy Assistant Attorney General at DoJ (Mr Yoo).” Indeed, Yoo and Sands had debated torture at the World Affairs Council in 2005.