Trayvon Martin’s Mother Records Mothers’ Day Message Opposing ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws

Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, has released a video ahead of Mother’s Day asking parents across America to lend their support to The Second Chance on Shoot First campaign, a recently launched coalition of elected officials, civil rights leaders, law enforcement professionals and concerned Americans who are working to raise awareness as well as “reform, repeal and prevent” the passage of reckless Shoot First and Stand Your Ground gun laws. Blotting her eyes and clutching a framed photograph of her slain son, Sybrina calls on parents to act:

“Just like me, 30,000 mothers lost their children this year to senseless gun violence. Nobody can bring out children back. But it would bring us comfort if we can help spare other mothers the pain that we will feel on Mother’s Day and everyday for the rest of our lives. I’m asking you to join Florida by calling upon the governor of your state to re-examine similar ‘stand your ground’ laws through out the nation to keep our families safe.”



Fatima Najiy