Trent Franks: U.S. is “wholly capable, willing, and ready to use military force” Against Iran

Time for the debate again I guess:

Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) has introduced legislation emphasizing the threat of military strikes against Iran and expanding unilateral, extraterritorial sanctions against Iran. The bill declares “the United States is wholly capable, willing, and ready to use military force to prevent Iran from obtaining or developing a nuclear weapons capability.”


Among other things, it’s just false to say that the United States is “capable” or “willing” to “military force” to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapons capability. Obviously, we could degrade their research program by blowing some stuff up, but that would likely lead the Iranians to intensify their efforts. But there’s no way to use air power to fully halt such a program. For all we know, bombing will accelerate the pace of advances by changing the Iranian political calculation.