True Love

I’ve always thought it was too bad that more of the stars of Buffy didn’t go on to have wildly successful careers. I’m very happy for Alyson Hannigan and David Boreanaz, of course, but I always regretted that Sarah Michelle Gellar apparently decided horror was basically it for her, and have missed Nicolas Brendon and Emma Caulfield quite a lot (I’ve always wondered how much the latter’s quite conservative views stymied her career. I don’t think those things are a barrier if you’re already established, but I imagine they might have some impact if you’re an actor on the cusp). Fortunately, Caulfield’s back, with an indie that looks quite sweet:


I do think an obsession with romantic certainty is probably really bad for us as a society, though I’m less sure about the impact, whether positive or negative, of dating websites. I do think it would be pretty frightening to live in a world with less spontaneity, and this low-key way of exploring that idea is interesting.