Trump has a golf problem

US President Donald Trump holds two thumbs up while meeting with service members of the United States Coast Guard to play golf at Trump International Golf Course in Mar-a-Lago, Florida on December 29, 2017. (NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

On Christmas, Trump tweeted that he would be going “back to work” the next day.

Trump has since gone golfing for seven consecutive days, while the press pool ate pancakes at a local IHOP.

December 26

“The motorcade pulled into Trump International Golf Club at around 9:05am. We passed by a lone protestor right outside the golf club, a woman holding a hand-made cardboard cut out of Trumps face with the text Pants on Fire…The press pool is reportedly going to be held at a local IHOP, which is both a blessing and a curse.”

December 27

“At precisely 9:00 a.m., President Trump’s motorcade turned into Trump International Golf Club, and your pool is now headed to hold nearby an expected combination of the library and an IHOP.”

December 28

“The presidents motorcade pulled into Trump International Golf Club at 8:36 am. Pool is doing the IHOP/library maneuver.”

December 29

“At 9:09 a.m., the motorcade arrived at Trump International Golf Club. One woman in a pink shirt that said “Resist” was standing across from the golf club with a sign thanking the Press pool.”

December 30

“The motorcade entered Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach at 9:40. Your pooler saw a family on Southern Blvd. with a young daughter holding a neon poster that said this 5 year old loves Trump, a heart replacing the word loves. Your pool is now en route to a familiar breakfast chain known for their pancakes.”

December 31

“POTUS arrived at Trump International Golf Club at 9:44 a.m., while Press 1, Press 2, and Press 3 vans continued on to the International House of Pancakes. Well be holding here for a while.”

January 1

“POTUS pulled into Trump International Golf Club at approximately 8:51 am. We are now heading to you guessed it, IHOP for what we “all” need this morning: Greasy breakfast food.”

Trump also golfed on the two days before Christmas, making it nine out of the last 10 days on the links.

Trump promised not to golf at all as president. “I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to go play golf,” Trump said in August 2016.

Trump repeatedly criticized Obama for golfing too often. Trump has golfed about 75 times since being sworn in as president. At this point in his presidency Obama had played 24 rounds.