Trump: Before Romney Turns Over Tax Returns, Obama Must Release College Applications

Billionaire Mitt Romney backer and fundraiser Donald Trump is responding to calls for Romney to release his tax returns by doubling down on his birther claims and insisting that President Obama should first release his college applications. “I don’t think Romney should give anything until such time as Obama gives his college records and applications,” Trump said on Fox & Friends, adding, “you will see things that you’re not going to believe”:

TRUMP: The problem is, you put them out, and they take them, as they have with this previous put out, and they make them look bad when it’s nothing wrong. They make them look bad. They’ll take anything that he puts out — and they’re complicated and large because, unlike other people, he did a lot — and they make him look bad. But I would say this, I would put them out. But we want to see your college applications and your college records because we want transparency also. And I think somebody ought to bring it up. You will see things that you’re not going to believe.

Watch it:


President Obama has released 12 years of returns while Romney has only released two. Trump did say that he would make available multiple years of returns.