Trump Celebrates Independence Day Weekend With Anti-Semitic Attack On Hillary Clinton


Saturday morning, Donald Trump decided to start tweeting some meme images attacking his opponent Hillary Clinton, but one of them blew a dog whistle that many heard:

Journalists quickly pointed out that the combination of a backdrop of money and a Star of David was obviously anti-Semitic:

Less than two hours after the original graphic was tweeted, Trump posted a new version with the Star of David replaced with a circle. The original tweet remained on his Twitter feed for the better part of an hour after that.

Stereotyping Jews is not new for Trump. In December, he gave a speech before the Republican Jewish Coalition that was chock full of anti-Semitic tropes. He repeatedly referred to everyone in the room as “negotiators” and told them that he doesn’t want their money, “so therefore you’re probably not going to support me.”


Way back in 1991, Trump made similar remarks in an interview with USA Today. “I have black guys counting my money,” he said. “I hate it. The only guys I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes all day.”

Anti-Semitic white supremacists have interpreted Trump’s silence when accused of anti-Semitism as an endorsement. They, in turn, have started targeting Jewish journalists who cover Trump for more harassment. That’s a lesson Max Fisher of the New York Times learned Saturday morning after pointing out what was problematic about the Star of David image:

Trump’s Twitter account has continued to publish various images and videos but has yet to acknowledge the changed graphic.


One Twitter user noticed that the graphic was changed so hastily that the circle was placed over top of the star in such a way that the star’s points can still be seen poking out.