Trump claims his campaign has made him a ‘changed man.’ Nothing has changed.

There’s only one Trump.

During the second presidential debate on Sunday, Trump attempted to move beyond the leaked, vulgar audio recordings that recently surfaced, claiming that the campaign has made him a changed man.

It’s the same excuse he gave during his video statement Friday and it’s the same excuse his campaign surrogates like Rudy Giuliani have made.

But Trump is anything but a changed man. During his year and a half campaign, he has made countless vulgar statements and has continued to disparage women and minorities.

Trump’s campaign has changed a lot of things — the Republican Party and its future and the role of the media, among them. But one thing it has definitely not changed is Trump.

He’s continued to objectify and disparage women.

During the first GOP primary debate, Trump was confronted by Fox’s Megyn Kelly about sexist comments he had made in the past, including referring to them as “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.” He could have used that moment to apologize and prove that he would be a different man during the campaign, but he didn’t.


Instead, he decided to claim that Kelly asked “ridiculous questions” because she had “blood coming out of her whatever.”

Since then, he has also insulted Carly Fiorina’s and Heidi Cruz’s appearances, defended his attacks on Miss Universe Alicia Machado, and claimed that the Muslim mother of a Gold Star veteran “wasn’t allowed to have anything to say.”

And on Twitter, he continues to disparage Kelly and other women:

He’s continued to use vulgar language.

As mentioned, Trump described a woman’s menstrual cycle by saying that she has “blood coming out of her wherever.”


But he has also used more explicitly vulgar language, claiming last December that Hillary Clinton got “got schlonged” during the 2008 primary. There are no definitions of the word “schlong” in the dictionary, other than a man’s genitals.

And though Trump has not been caught on tape calling Clinton a “bitch,” it’s a word his supporters frequently use to describe her.

He’s surrounded himself with advisers who have also been accused of attacking women.

It’s hard to imagine that Trump is now a changed man when he has hired and is being advised by a team of men who have also been accused of sexual assault.


Former campaign manager Corey Lewandowki was accused by a female journalist of grabbing her by the arm. Roger Ailes, who reportedly is advising Trump for the debate, has been accused by dozens of women of sexual assault. And Steve Bannon, the campaign CEO, has been accused of domestic violence.