Trump invents fake attack on Sweden

An even greater tragedy than the Bowling Green massacre.

CREDIT: AP Photo/Chris O’Meara
CREDIT: AP Photo/Chris O’Meara

“We got to keep our country safe!” President Trump warned at a rally in Melbourne, Florida on Saturday night. He told a horror story about a Northern European nation that “took in large numbers” of refugees and is now facing “problems like they never thought possible.”

“Look at what happened last night in Sweden!” Trump told his audience. “Sweden! Who would believe this, Sweden?”


Trump is right to wonder who would believe his tale of innocent Swedes cowering before a grave new threat, because as multiple journalists and at least one former Prime Minister of Sweden pointed out not long after Trump’s remarks, there was no attack on Sweden Friday night.

Though the Swedish Bowling Green Massacre did not happen Friday night, one thing that did happen that evening is Fox News’ Tucker Carlson aired an interview with Fox personality and filmmaker Ami Horowitz, whose most recent documentary film claims that Muslim refugees committed crimes after arriving in Sweden.

It appears that the President of the United States may have watched this Fox segment and mistakenly believed that he was watching a live report on a specific incident that occurred Friday evening.