2 clips illustrate the rapid evolution of a brazen Trump lie

Trump used Friday's lie as evidence for a new lie on Saturday.


During a speech Friday night in Arizona, President Trump baselessly claimed Democrats will soon support providing undocumented immigrants with free luxury cars.

“Give ’em a driver’s license. Next thing you know, they’ll want to buy ’em a car,” Trump said. “Then they’ll say the car’s not good enough, we want — how about a Rolls-Royce? Give us — we want a Rolls-Royce.”

Trump’s claim that Democrats will soon want to give undocumented immigrants free cars is completely absurd — there’s no basis for it.


But by the time he delivered a speech in Nevada on Saturday, Trump’s lie had evolved. He treated his own baseless comment on Friday as actual evidence for an escalated lie that Democrats in fact “want to give [undocumented immigrants] cars.”

“They want to give them cars, they want to give them driver’s licenses,” Trump said. “I said last night, we did a great — we did a great, great rally in Arizona last night and I said — I said last night, what kind of car with they supply them? Will it be a Rolls-Royce?”

The rapid evolution of Trump’s lie was noted by Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star.

Trump told a number of brazen lies over the weekend. During his speech in Nevada, Trump fabricated a story about anti-sanctuary city riots in California, claiming that “a lot of people in California don’t want them either. They are rioting now. They want to get out.”

In fact, no such riots have occurred.

Then, during a brief question-and-answer session with reporters following the rally, Trump claimed that his administration is “looking at putting in a very major tax cut for middle-income people… sometime just prior to November.”

Congress, however, won’t even be in session until weeks after the midterm elections on November 6.