Trump tries to prove he isn’t a threat to women by lurking behind Clinton

Trump decided to stand very close Clinton during the debate.

During the second presidential debate, which occurred just over 48 hours after the release of a tape where Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was recorded bragging about sexually assaulting women, Trump stood closely behind Clinton in a way that many people perceived as threatening.

After Trump insisted he never sexually assaulted anyone, reiterating that the comments recorded on the tape were just “locker room talk,” he decided to stand very close to Clinton as she delivered her answers to CNN’s town hall-style questions. He also aggressively interrupted Clinton, Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper during the debate, accusing the moderators of bias toward Clinton.


Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway tried to minimize Trump’s proximity to Clinton by presenting it as an excuse not to focus on other facets of Trump’s debate performance.

But it may matter to voters, especially in the wake of the tape released on Friday. Trump’s decision to lurk behind Clinton clearly won’t help him improve his standing with voters who don’t buy his self-professed status as the candidate with the “best temperament” or that he’s a “gentleman” who respects women.