Trump Makes New Enemy In Escaped Mexican Drug Kingpin

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally before a crowd of over 3,500 Saturday, July 11, 2015, in Phoenix. CREDIT: AP
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally before a crowd of over 3,500 Saturday, July 11, 2015, in Phoenix. CREDIT: AP

When Donald Trump labelled Mexican immigrants to the U.S. rapists he lost business, drew criticism from fellow presidential candidates, and drew the ire of indignant Mexicans. Trump took these reactions in stride, defended his remarks, and actually thrived in the polls.

But Trump may have made a dangerous enemy as the son of a notorious Mexican drug lord — who escaped from a maximum security prison over the weekend — reportedly tweeted that the real-estate tycoon would “swallow his words.”

The Donald has nonetheless doubled down on his remarks once again with a series of Tweets.

Joaquin Guzman, also known as El Chapo, is the head of the largest and most powerful drug trafficking organization in the Western Hemisphere, the Sinaloa. This is the second time he’s escaped maximum security prison. His first escape took place in 2001 and he spent the next 13 years on the run before being arrested again in February 2014.


“Corrupt Mexican officials obviously let him go a second time. The last time he was free for 13 years. He has been selling drugs in the U.S. big time — a major kingpin,” Trump said in a statement. “He is possibly in the U.S. and his drugs and drug dealers freely cross into the United States through our pathetic border. This is just one example of the many instances of Mexico taking advantage of the United States. They take our country’s money but leave the tremendous crime, much of which is a result of the rampant drug trafficking.”

Just before 9 p.m. on Saturday evening, Guzman was caught on video before entering the shower area in his cell. Once there, he slipped into a shaft that was five feet deep where he then climbed down a ladder to a second shaft that was 32 feet deep. He then drove a motorcycle through a mile long tunnel that was over five feet high and two feet wide. The tunnel was lit and ventilated.

Inside the tunnel used by drug kingpin El Chapo to escape from Mexico’s top-security prison – videoEdit“El Chapo surely planned this from the time he was jailed and had very large internal and external support to escape,” Raul Benitez Manaut, a security expert at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, told the Telegraph. “There certainly was corruption inside and outside the prison. It was a film-like escape.”

Guzman is seen as a kind of Robin Hood by supporters for his work helping the poor and keeping the peace. U.S. indictments however have accused his organization of using hit squads or assassins against competitors.

And while Trump may now be a persona non-gratis with Guzman, he’s also received (albeit lighter) criticism from a fellow mogul. Rupert Murdoch, a media tycoon and the creator of FOX Broadcasting Company, called out Trump on Monday for his comments on Mexicans.