Trump said he received a ‘small loan’ from his father. He received millions.

An interesting definition of small.

Trump has claimed to have received a small loan from his father before — after Marco Rubio accused him of receiving $200 million from his Father. Because Trump hasn’t released his tax returns, it’s impossible to ascertain the exact amount of money Trump received.

While the exact number may remain elusive, ample evidence exists that Trump received far more than a “small loan.”

First, there’s Trump’s first big deal in Manhattan — the building of the Grand Hyatt hotel in 1978. He received a loan of nearly $1 million from his father. He also, according to reporting from The Washington Post, received valuable private backing from his wealthy father that enabled him to secure the loans he needed.

Trump also benefited from a trust set up by his father, setting him up with another $1 million (which would be worth $4 million today).


In addition, he’s borrowed extensively from his father — reporting from the Wall Street Journal shows that according to a casino-license disclosure from 1985, he owed his father and his father’s businesses $14 million (the same number cited by Clinton in the debate).