Trump Takes His Fourth Position On Abortion In Three Days. He’ll Need To Change This One Immediately


Trump is having a lot of trouble making up his mind about where he stands on abortion.

In a Wednesday town hall, Trump told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that abortion should be banned and that women who undergo an abortion should face “some form of punishment.”

This position drew outcry not only from pro-choice advocates but members of the pro-life community who adhere to an unspoken rule not to discuss punishment for women.


Before the interview officially aired, Trump began to walk back his position, saying “the issue is unclear” and that whether a woman should face punishment should be “left to the states.”

That position, however, didn’t really satisfy anyone. So Trump released another statement saying that a woman who undergoes an abortion is “a victim” and only the doctor should face punishment.

That position lasted barely 48 hours. In an interview with CBS’ John Dickerson set to air on Sunday, Trump said that he supported existing abortion laws and they should not be changed.

Under existing law, of course, abortion is legal and doctors generally do not face punishment for the procedure itself.

This position is untenable in the context of a Republican primary campaign. So it’s a near certainty that Trump will change his position again very soon.


A Trump spokeswoman quickly walks back his statement, establishing his fifth position in three days: