Trump Trashes Paul Ryan’s Budget: ‘Suicidal,’ ‘Big Mistake,’ ‘Dangerous Plan For Mitt Romney’

This morning on Fox & Friends, billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump criticized Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) to putting out a Republican budget plan that hits low-income Americans the hardest, rewards millionaires, and ends Medicare as we know it.

But Trump wasn’t upset with the details of the plan, as much as the timing of the release of it. It’s “very bad politically,” Trump argued, adding, “Democrats will have an absolute field day.” He emphasized, “Republicans, if they pursue this, are making a big mistake.”

Instead, Republicans “should wait till after the election,” Trump said, and that “for them to do it now is suicidal.” He argued that the GOP budget plan will be very unpopular with the American people, so they should just hide the details for now:

STEVE DOOCY: Don’t you think it makes it a clearer case where the voter will have a choice between the President who doesn’t want to mess with entitlements, wants things to go just as they are, even some have suggested we’re going to go over a financial cliff. Or the Republicans, who have a plan.


TRUMP: You’re right, Republicans have a plan, but it’s not a choice that the Republicans are going to win. People are going to take the choice that’s best for them even if it’s not best for the country. […]

I think it’s a very dangerous plan for Mitt Romney. … He’s going to be saddled with a plan that’s very tough to live with.

Watch it:

When Ryan released his budget last year, Trump also lambasted it, calling it “a death wish” for Republicans. Making the same complaint then as he is now, Trump said, “his timing is corrector” and that some Republicans were “going to lose their elections” because of it.