Trump’s tweets debunk his own lies about government shutdown

The president was actually in favor of a government shutdown as recently as last year

Trump tweets
CREDIT: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

In his Thursday morning Twitter dump, President Donald Trump predicted that a government shutdown would harm the U.S. armed services — even though essential functions of the government such as the military would continue to operate during a shutdown.

Trump, who rejected a bipartisan immigration proposal that could have cleared the way for an agreement on a continuing resolution, has been trying for days to spin a government shutdown as a ploy by the Democratic minority in Congress to hurt the military.


This came weeks after he claimed that House Democrats wanted to shut down the government to “distract” from his “very popular” tax bill.

But a basic search of his previous tweets reveal his past stances totally contradict his current claims. Indeed Trump supported a shutdown of his own administration as recently as last May as a path to repeal the Affordable Care Act. 

This coincided with his position during the Obama administration that Congressional Republicans should shutdown the government and keep it closed until the healthcare law was repealed.

Indeed, Trump claimed in 2013 that the shutdown was actually helping the economy.

Most notably, Trump himself dismissed complains that a government shutdown would hurt core services, telling his followers: “All essential services continue. Don’t believe lies.”

Don’t believe lies.