Trump’s New Agriculture Adviser Has Some Very Backwards Ideas

“Donald Trump will be great for agriculture.”

Texas Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller CREDIT: AP PHOTO/ERIC GAY, FILE
Texas Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller CREDIT: AP PHOTO/ERIC GAY, FILE

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign is set to officially announce Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller as the national co-chairman of his agriculture advisory team next week.

“Donald Trump will be great for agriculture,” Miller told Texas radio show host Chad Hasty. “One other thing, when he gets elected and the day he takes office, America will get our respect back around the world because his personality is, ‘If you hit me, I’m going to hit you twice.’”

Miller’s glowing praise of Trump as “great for agriculture” may not live up to that compliment if Trump makes good on his promises to deport the country’s undocumented population. Anywhere between 50 and 75 percent of the agricultural industry consist of undocumented labor. In fact, four out of ten farmworkers in New Jersey, Washington, and Idaho are undocumented. Georgia lost out on “millions of dollars” worth of produce that went unharvested and rotting in the fields in 2011 after the state passed a harsh anti-immigrant law.

Miller has engaged in some eyebrowing-raising conduct during his tenures as commissioner and as a former state representative. He defended suggesting that the United States nuke the Muslim world and compared refugees to snakes. Asked at a conservative policy forum about what keeps him up at night, Miller responded that he was concerned that the country would turn into a “Muslim country.” He has been accused of using state funds to take a trip to Oklahoma to get a “Jesus shot,” a medical cure-all for his chronic pain (he later reimbursed the funds to the state). And Miller also allegedly used state funds to compete in a rodeo. Other odd behaviors included granting “amnesty” to cupcakes and lifting a ban on deep fryers and soda machines in Texas public schools.

Meet The Men And Women Behind Donald TrumpIt finally happened: Donald Trump, the blustery billionaire businessman, is the Republican Party’s presumed nominee for…thinkprogress.orgBut Miller is far from the only person on Trump’s team that has been controversial. Most recently, Trump announced an economic policy advisory team made up of 13 men, including just one who has a Ph.D. Trump adviser Al Baldasaro called for the execution of Hillary Clinton, claiming that she was responsible for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi in 2012. This week, Baldasaro suggested that a Muslim-American Gold Star parent was an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood.