Trying to Remember High School Physics

RNC Chairman Mike Duncan is campaigning for a second term and promising to make the GOP “an accelerator of change.” I might be confused about this, but it seems to me that this would be a huge error for the conservative movement. After all, at the moment the direction of change is to the left. If the Republicans become accelerators of change, then leftward change will happen more swiftly.

But perhaps this is the plan. After all, throughout the year there have been these battles over economic stimulus, with the White House and congressional conservatives making the first stimulus smaller and less effective than it should have been, and completely foiling efforts at a second stimulus. Perversely, by worsening economic conditions the incumbent party therefore greatly boosted the electoral fortunes of their opponents. And conservative malgovernment has now created a global economic crisis of such severe proportions that the “sensible center” has shifted dramatically to the left in terms of willingness to see large-scale deficit-financed public investments. I’ve been assuming that all this was just a side effect of conservatives making policy errors because their movement is corrupt and intellectually bankrupt, but maybe it’s a deliberate plan to accelerate change.