Tween Queen goes Green: Hannah Montana understands what Sarah Palin does not

Wow, on the single most important issue facing America today, global warming, a fictional character is more knowledgeable than the new GOP VP choice (see “McCain VP Palin is a global-warming-denying, polar-bear-dissing, Pat Buchanan acolyte”):

Disney’s New Hannah Montana Album Features ‘Global Warming Anthem’Teen pop star sings ‘Wake Up America,’ warns the ‘earth is calling out,’ but admits she doesn’t know ‘what all this means.’

Okay, Miley Cyrus shares one thing in common with Palin — she talks about global warming even though she doesn’t know what it means. Listen to the latest song by the influential 15-year-old singer who has the title role in the Disney Channel TV series Hannah Montana.


Here are the lyrics:

Oh, can you take care of herOh, maybe you can spare her

Several moments of your considerationLeading up to the final destination

Oh, the earth is calling out,I wanna learn what it’s all about,But everything I read — global warming, going green I don’t know what all this means, but it seems to be saying

Wake up, America, we’re all in this togetherIt’s our home so let’s take care of itYou know that you want toYou know that you got to wake up, AmericaTomorrow becomes a new day and everything you doMatters, yeah, everything you do matters in some way.

Kudos to Disney and Cyrus for putting this out there or her fans.