Twitter blocked on White House computers.

The Obama White House has an active Twitter feed, with more than 763,000 followers. However, not all administration staffers have access to the service. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told C-Span this morning that “Twitter is blocked on White House computers”:

CSPAN: By the way, are you personally twittering?

GIBBS: No, for some reason, Twitter is blocked on White House computers, so — I have to say, I’m on camera enough that I think people have a decent sense of what I’m doing minus twittering.

Watch it:


Carl Malamud, President of, wrote on Twitter, “Disabling twitter in Obama like disabling telegraph in Lincoln, rotary phone in Bush. Need to stay current!” Last month, Mother Jones’ David Corn reported that “White House aides working on new media do have access to Twitter on their office computers,” but for security reasons, other staffers are blocked.

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