UC Davis Gives Chancellor Silent Shaming As She Walks To Her Car

Last week, police committed a stunning act of brutality at the University of California Davis, as they attacked students staging a peaceful sit-in with pepper spray. Following these police acts, there were loud calls for resignation of Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi from the entire UC Davis Faculty Association, among others.

Journalist Lee Fang was at the scene of a protest of the chancellor last night. As Katehi held a press conference about the police incident inside a campus building, hundreds of students amassed outside in protest. Katehi then refused to leave, trying to form the impression that hostile students were trying to block her inside.

The students formed a large gap to give the chancellor space to leave. Finally, after the students sat down and locked arms, she decided to leave. As she walked to her car, the students sat silent, shaming her. Watch it:


Fang asked Katehi if she felt threatened by the students. “No, no,” she replied.