Ugandan Parliament Speaker Pushes For ‘Kill The Gays’ Bill

Uganda’s Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, took umbrage to the threat that Western countries like the U.S. and Canada would cut aid because of the country’s persecution of homosexuality. Instead, she suggested that the anti-homosexuality (“Kill The Gays”) bill that has persisted in the legislature be brought to the floor for a vote:

KADAGA: I will not accept to be intimidated or to be directed by any government in the world because we are independent. We are Ugandans. We are not a colony of Canada; we’re not even a protectorate. […]

I will now instruct the chair of the Committee of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs to quickly bring the report of the anti-homosexuality bill so that we discuss it and so that Uganda can take a position. […]

If the price of aid is going to be promoting homosexuality in this country, I think we don’t want that aid. I don’t think we want it.


Watch a news report featuring her remarks:

As Box Turtle Bulletin notes, the bill was slyly changed to remove the proposed penalty of “suffering death,” but was replaced with a reference to another penalty law that also includes the death penalty. Sodomy is already illegal in the country, and the only purpose of the bill is to increase stigmatization against both gay citizens and their allies.