Under Fire, ABC Yanks Official Blog of 9/11 Docudrama

On September 10 and 11, ABC is planning to air a “docudrama” called “Path to 9/11,” billed as “an objective telling of the events of 9/11.” In fact, the film was written by an unabashed conservative who twists the facts to blame President Clinton.

The show’s official blog attracted many comments from the public criticizing the film for its inaccuracies. In response, writer Cyrus Nowrasteh and director David Cunningham posted a number of strikingly defensive blog posts. Some excerpts:


1) This is not a documentary…


2) This is not a right wing agenda movie…By the way, we are also being accused of being a left wing movie that bashes Bush.

-D. CunninghamWed, Aug 30, 2006 22:01

Further clarafication

This movie is well-supported and well-documented. But everyone should be aware, and we say so upfront in a long legend — “The following dramatization…has composite and representative characters and incidents, and time compressions have been used for dramatic purposes.”

…Whoever wants to write and talk about this movie is free to do so, and we’ve been very open in talking to them. We can’t control who writes what…

— Cyrus Nowrasteh Fri, Sep 1, 2006 16:59

Even Further Clarification

…The redundant statement about Clinton and the emphasis to protect his legacy instead of trying to learn from the failures of BOTH administrations smells of “agenda”.

…Watch the movie! Then let’s talk. If you haven’t seen the movie with your very own eyes — don’t castigate the movie out of ignorance.

-David CunninghamSat, Sep 2, 2006 16:48

Apparently, ABC is no longer interested in hosting a discussion about Path to 9/11. On Sunday, without announcement or explanation, ABC took the blog down. (The URL now redirects to the show’s homepage.) We’ve saved a copy of the full contents HERE.

UPDATE: Without explaination, ABC brought the blog back online sometime Tuesday.