Update: Butler Eagle Prints Correction Regarding Pittsburgh Tea Party Chair

The Butler Eagle, a daily newspaper in Butler, PA, has posted a correction to their earlier story accusing Pittsburgh Tea Party Chair Patricia “Patti” Weaver of telling supporters that President Barack Obama, like the Nazis in World War II, is an “an evil in this country that you are standing up to.” Weaver had denied the allegation in an interview with ThinkProgress and requested a retraction from the Eagle.

An earlier version of this post repeated those claims — along with Weaver’s denial.

Today, the paper posted this correction:

In a Butler Eagle article published April 28 on a Tea Party Express event in Cranberry Township, Patti Weaver, organizer and head of the Pittsburgh Tea Party, was quoted comparing President Barack Obama to the Nazi reign in Germany during World War II. — Weaver did not make that statement. — At the event in North Boundary Park, Weaver said that George Soros, a billionaire supporter of Obama, had, as a youth, collaborated with Nazis and stole items left behind by Jews. — Weaver said that Soros’ activities at that time were evil. She suggested that people are judged by their friends and supporters, noting Soros’ support for Obama.

Weaver’s comments about Soros reference claims by some on the right that Soros was a Nazi collaborator.

Weaver is an elected representative for Allegheny County on the Pennsylvania’s Republican state committee and mounted an aborted campaign for Allegheny County Controller in 2011.  Speaking along with Republican U.S. Senate nominee Tom Smith, a former coal mining CEO, Weaver also told the audience of about 100 people that Obama “wants the country to fail.”


Another report from the rally noted that she said Obama “wants our country to follow Europe into bankruptcy” and to “demonize prosperity.” In a 2010 video, she warned that “we’re moving from a Republic to really a Socialist country.”


This post was updated on May 15, 2012.