UPDATED: Bachmann Misleads On Threat To Pakistan Nuclear Facilities

Last night during the GOP presidential national security debate, debate moderator Wolf Blitzer asked Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), who is on the House Intelligence Committee, if she agrees with Gov. Rick Perry’s that Pakistan should no longer receive American aid. “I would continue that aid,” the Minnesota congresswoman said, but in setting up her answer, she revealed that terrorists have attempted to compromise Pakistan’s nuclear sites. She repeated the claim this morning on Fox News, citing a story in the Atlantic, and said that the incident means that nuclear weapons can make their way “into the hands of terrorists and make their way to the United States.” Watch it:

CNN fact checks Bachmann’s claim. While their report doesn’t confirm whether the sites were nuclear facilities, CNN says her assertion is “misleading” because the attacks “do not appear to have been attempts to seize the country’s nuclear weapons.”

While the Atlantic reported recently that the six facilities Bachmann is presumably referring to are “widely believed to be associated with Pakistan’s nuclear program,” the National Journal’s Yochi Dreazen notes: “U.S. intelligence and military officials believe that Pakistan has 15 nuclear sites, but no U.S. official has publicly said that all of the sites were vulnerable to militant attack or confirmed that any of them had previously come under any form of jihadist attack.”



The original focus of this post centered on the question of whether Bachmann revealed classified information during the debate.