Vacationing While Georgia Burns?

It seems the McCain campaign has decided to take advantage of the violent conflict in Georgia to score political points against Barack Obama by criticizing him for going on vacation while McCain “has twice spoken with the President of Georgia, and is working to prevent a close American ally from collapsing under the weight of a Russian invasion.”

But, look, nothing McCain is doing is actually helping Georgia. Various diplomats from the United States, the European Union, the United Nations and elsewhere are trying to negotiate an end to the crisis. Obama is trying to relax before the hard months of campaigning ahead. And McCain is . . . engaged in political posturing and a lot of empty tough guy rhetoric that’s better suited to a Bill Kristol column than to the White House. A lot of the rhetoric about this situation has, in my view, been over the top but I think it’s clear that America has a real-but-limited interest in maintaining a Georgia that isn’t entirely under Moscow’s thumb. But what’s needed are practical steps in that direction, not empty sloganeering and political stunts.