Valentine’s Day Light-Bulb Break-Up: “In the Beginning It Was a Turn On … But Over the Years You Haven’t Changed”

Americans have a strange love affair with the light bulb. While we’re perfectly comfortable setting performance standards for appliances, engines, and building materials, we resort to fear tactics and hollow threats when doing the same for incandescent light bulbs.

Okay, so not all Americans. It’s mostly anti-science politicians who ludicrously see new light bulb efficiency standards as a form of government control — when, in fact, they’re a way to provide consistency for businesses, give consumers more choice, and ultimately strengthen our national relationship with the light bulb.

But pro-pollution advocates fearful of change are now acting like the crazed lovers who can’t let go — turning a once-affectionate relationship into one filled with bitter resentment, desperation, and obsession.

It’s time to break up. The letter below is dedicated to all the incandescent light bulb lovers who are fearful of change. (Click on the image to read the whole text.)


“This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. You see, I’ve become so accustomed to the shape of you. The way you light up a room — it was so hot! In the beginning it was a turn on. But over the years, you haven’t changed and now you’re only hurting our relationship…. I can’t go on like this … it keeps wasting my energy.”