Veterans Flood Rep. Joe Walsh’s Facebook Page To Denounce His Attacks Against Double Amputee

After ThinkProgress published video showing Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) denigrating his opponent’s — a double amputee — military service, veterans swarmed the Illinois Republican’s Facebook page to denounce his attacks.

Many of these veterans described themselves as “dedicated conservatives”, “rock-ribbed Republicans”, and “Tea Party members.” Yet despite their ideological leanings, Walsh’s insult drove them to defend Tammy Duckworth and strongly condemn the Tea Party freshman.

Bob Frick wrote: “As a dedicated conservative and Republican and Tea Party member, you overstepped Congressman. Before I am either of the aforementioned, I am an American. I am a retired American soldier. How dare you refer to or determine what a hero is when you never served.”

Similarly, William Gilliam posted: “I am a rock-ribbed Republican and a Vietnam Veteran. Your comments about Tammy Duckworth’s military service and resultant injuries are just dead wrong. Unless and until you have the courage to sign up yourself, don’t disparage anyone else’s service nor their willingness to talk about it.”


A leading veterans group has also called on Walsh to resign.

Here is a sampling of veterans defending Duckworth and denouncing Walsh:


After ThinkProgress published this story, Walsh appears to have responded by disabling comments on his Facebook page.