VIDEO: A Merry O’Reilly Retraction

Bill O’Reilly signals retreat in the “War on Christmas”?

Media Matters notes that O’Reilly has reversed his position on “Happy Holidays”: Only few weeks ago, the phrase was offensive to “millions of Christians” and “insulting to Christian America”; on Monday night, O’Reilly said, “Happy Holidays is fine.

Now O’Reilly has actually issued a retraction. On last night’s broadcast, O’Reilly admitted he was wrong when claimed a Texas school district “told students they couldn’t wear red and green because they were Christmas colors,” which he described as “fascism.” (As Media Matters noted, O’Reilly manufactured the point out of whole cloth.) From last night’s Factor:

Now I made a mistake a few days ago when I said clothing was included in that party dictum. Clothing was not included. It was colors of plates and cupcakes and things like that.


Watch and enjoy this rarest of videos, Bill O’Reilly admitting a mistake:


Full story from the Dallas Morning News.