VIDEO: At Rick Perry Rally, Tom DeLay Hopes For A Longer Government Shut Down Next Month

ThinkProgress filed this report from The Response rally in Houston, Texas.

On Saturday, Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) held a prayer rally with an assortment of right-wing pastors in Houston, Texas. ThinkProgress attended the supposedly “nonpolitical” event, and noticed a parade of Republican politicians and consultants milling about backstage. To our surprise, we encountered former House Majority Leader Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX), who told us that he was attending as a private citizen.

We spoke to DeLay about some of the issues in the news, including the possibility of another government shutdown next month when the continuing resolution budget expires. DeLay, who helped manage the Gingrich government shut down in 1995, said this time Republicans should refuse to negotiate and should close the government “until they get what they want.” He also said he is “always praying” for reducing the size government, even if that means a closure of federal agencies:

FANG: Regardless of the current leadership of Congress in the House, how do you think Congress should proceed in general as the C.R. runs out next month? There could be a government shut down —


DELAY: They’re going to face another shut down. And hopefully this time they’ll let it shut down until they get what they want. Everyone points to the shut down we had in ’95 and says it was a horrible thing. The horrible thing was when Bob Dole walked out on the Senate floor on Sunday afternoon and re-opened the government. Including in President Clinton’s own book, that if we’d had held out for one more day, we’d have won. […]

FANG: Were you praying today for reducing the size of government even if it comes to a government shut down?

DELAY: I’m always praying for reducing the size of government!

Watch it:

DeLay wouldn’t comment directly on the leadership of his successors in Congress, like current House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA). But he did say he hopes they take a harder line against Obama to defeat him in 2012.