VIDEO: Cheney Admits To Drinking Beer Prior To Hunting Accident

In his interview with Fox News this afteroon, Vice President Dick Cheney confirmed to reporter Brit Hume that he consumed alcohol prior to the shooting incident. Hume reported that Cheney admitted to having at least “a beer at lunch.” Watch it:

(Quicktime Video)


QUESTION: You asked him about alcohol being consumed on premises.


HUME: I did.

QUESTION: And what did he say about that?

HUME: He said he had a beer at lunch and that had been many hours earlier. And it was dusk, around 5:00 p.m., when this incident happened. And he said that, you know, they had lunch out in the field, a barbecue, and he had a beer. But you said you don’t hunt with people who have been drinking. He said no one was drinking. He said they went back to the ranch afterwards, took a break after that, and went out about 3:00 and so you’re four or five hours distanced from the last alcohol that he consumed. And he said no one was drinking, not he nor anyone else.

This morning, ThinkProgress posed some questions the media should ask about the role of alcohol in the accident.

UPDATE: Mr. Whittington’s doctors “had no comment on whether Whittington’s blood alcohol level had been tested after the accident.”

UPDATE II: On Tuesday, Ms. Armstrong told the LA Times that the hunters drank “Dr. Pepper” at lunch:

The party of 11 hunters set out in two trucks Saturday morning, driving around the mesquite-dotted property and shooting quail until about 12:30 p.m., said Anne Armstrong, co-owner of the ranch. Then they broke for a lunch of antelope, jicama salad and camp bread, washed down with Dr. Pepper.