Video: Finding His Home Burned To The Ground, Colorado Man Calls For Action On Climate Change

American citizens and political leaders are increasingly drawing the connection between climate change and extreme heat, drought, fires and floods. That seems like a good thing. Until we see what that really means.

It’s people like Colorado resident Hani Ahmad facing the brutal reality of extreme weather who are making that connection. After losing his home to the Waldo Canyon fire — the most destructive fire in Colorado’s history — Ahmad asks if people will start paying attention: “It bothers me when people say this is junk science. I’m convinced that this planet is warming and that this is part of the result of that. The west is a tinderbox and it’s so early in the season. I’m terrified for everybody in the west.”


Ahmad’s story comes from the Climate Desk, a fabulous outfit covering the impact of climate change on the ground level. Check out the short film below to see how Ahmad and others are reacting to the destructive wildfire season: