Video: Fox News Anchors Admit Going Easy On Sarah Palin

During a roundtable discussion on Fox News’ “The Five” yesterday, two panelists admitted that they take it easy on Fox News employee and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) because they feel awkward about criticizing a co-worker. Greg Gutfeld, the show’s co-host, was the first to admit it, saying, “The only problem with talking about Sarah Palin is that she works here, and it’s like a co-worker, and if I say something bad and I see her in the hallway I feel really awkward and wrong so I just kind of say, ‘That was a good job’ and move on.” Bob Beckel, a long-time Democratic operative who also co-hosts the show, then added, “I know exactly what you mean. I’ll be honest: I’ve pulled my punches on her.” Watch it: