VIDEO: GOP Super Committee Member Fred Upton’s Constituents Angrily Ask, ‘Where Are The Jobs!?’

Earlier this week, Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) — who was recently appointed to the powerful congressional super committee that will be tasked to design a special debt deal — held a town hall in Kalamazoo, Michigan where he discussed a variety of issues with his constituents.

The town hall, which was captured on YouTube, featured an angry audience that was upset that Upton was not addressing job creation. As Upton began to discuss the role Medicare plays in the nation’s debt, a man shouted, “Where is job creation on your chart?” After that, a woman stood up and asked Upton to “cut from the top,” not from middle class Americans who’ve already beared the brunt of effects from the recession.

The woman drew applause, and audience members began chanting in favor of creating jobs, urging the congressman to make it his priority. Watch it:


At the town hall, Upton pledged not to raise the retirement age as part of the debt deal, and said that he wouldn’t “chop” entitlement benefits for today’s seniors (obviously leaving the door open to cuts for future beneficiaries). (HT: Michiganradio YouTube account)