VIDEO: Hannity Insists Liberal Conspiracy Behind Timing of Foley Email Release

Last night on Fox News, Sean Hannity devoted a large part of his show to the Foley scandal. But rather than discuss Foley’s behavior and the possible cover-up by the House leadership, Hannity focused on the timing of the release of Foley’s inappropriate emails and IMs, and wondered if they were “held back to maximize the political impact before an election.”

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The House leadership, not those who released Foley’s inappropriate conduct to the public, should be questioned about the timing of their actions.


ABC News reported, “Foley’s obsession with 16- and 17-year-old male pages has been known to Republicans on Capitol Hill for at least five years, but, other than issue a warning, little else seems to have been done about the congressman.” Among those informed were House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL), House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH), and Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL), who chairs the three-member House page board. None of these officials apparently ever contacted law enforcement about the emails. None of them informed the Democratic member of the page board. Foley was permitted to retain his position as a member of House leadership and as the co-chair of the congressional caucus on exploited children.

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HANNITY: Do you find it a little more than curious that some of these instant messages that went back and forth are, you know, several years old, and were only released after the Republican primary election was finished, which makes it difficult to replace him on the ballot? Do you find the timing, the fact that they’ve had — some people have known about these for years, and that they’re only released at this point? Is that curious to you? [Snip]

HANNITY: Who knew? Why did they leak it now, 30- some-odd days out of an election, when they had this for three years? That’s a big question in my mind. [Snip]

HANNITY: But do you suspect that this is — do you suspect that there is some funny business going on? Do you suspect politics may be involved here? [Snip]

NEGRON: The reality is that what he did was wrong and he needs to pay the consequences.

HANNITY: I got that part.

NEGRON: I’m asking voters to give me a chance.

HANNITY: But do you think politics is involved in the timing of the release of this, after the Republican primary in Florida, which makes it difficult to replace his name on the ballot, which you can’t do, in other words, to replace the candidate? [Snip]

HANNITY: We see a lot of things unfolding just before an election. You see that this is just pure politics. Is there any principle left? [Snip]

HANNITY: Apparently some of these instant messages are three years old. So I think we all have to have a question raised here. I want to know why these instant messages were held back until now. Who knew about them? Why did they hold them back? Did they do it for political reasons? In other words, were they held back to maximize the political impact before an election?