Video: Mitt Romney Sings ‘America the Beautiful.’ But Would His Energy Policies Keep America Beautiful?

After winning the Florida primary this week, Mitt Romney celebrated with a call to “fight for the America we love.” But will Romney’s energy policies preserve that America?

In order to show his passion for the country’s natural beauty, Romney is fond of quoting the song “America the Beautiful.” Earlier this week, before leading an awkward sing-a-long with a crowd at a retirement center in Florida, he talked about why the song captures the “rivers and mountains” and the “beauty of the land” that made him fall in love with the country.

But under Romney’s energy plan — which is to “aggressively develop our oil, our gas, our coal” while denying the very real danger of manmade global warming — that America may not be the same for coming generations.

In celebration of Romney’s unique relationship with the environment, here’s a video we put together on the candidate’s energy policy in song — sung by Romney himself.


(Many thanks to Think Progress video editor Jeff Spross for helping out with the final product.)