VIDEO: Mitt Romney Used To Brag About Getting Two Degrees From Harvard

Despite spending four years at the school himself, Mitt Romney slammed President Obama today for spending “too much time” at Harvard, where the president went to law school. And while Romney has twice as many degrees as Obama and an extra year at the school under his belt, this is not the first time Romney has attacked the president for attending the elite Massachusetts university.

But Romney wasn’t always so down on his alma mater. He used to brag about his tenure there regularly, and so did his wife, Ann:

MITT ROMNEY: Harvard has a terrific program, they call it the joint degree program. … You can apply to the business school and the law school. You can get into both. You can take five years of educational training in four years.

ANN ROMNEY:He graduated from Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School, that he went to at the same time. It takes also a great mental capacity to do that kind of thing.


Watch a compilation:

Romney did not forget he went to Harvard. The jab exposes what seems to be a deliberate strategy of taking Romney’s biggest weakness and used them to attack Obama. Just this week, he’s accused Obama of being out of touch and a flip flopper, two of the biggest narratives against Romney. But rarely are they so transparently and audaciously hypocritical as the Harvard line.