VIDEO: Mitt Romney’s Greatest Hits — Sympathy For The Corporation

Up until now, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has been the presumed frontrunner of the GOP presidential candidates. But the recent focus on Romney’s tenure as head of the private equity firm Bain capital — a position which went a long way towards making Romney the approximately $190 to $250 million he’s now worth — has created something of a rift in the Republican Party over the merits of free market capitalism, and turned the the GOP presidential field into the equivalent of a circular firing squad.

And along with the Bain story has been a parallel development: The growing library of seemingly phony, tone-deaf, and just plain strange statements — from calling himself “unemployed,” to claiming to have worried about losing his job, to asserting membership in the middle class — which suggest Romney is frankly clueless about both the nature of economic life in the Great Recession, as well as what it’s like to not occupy the tippy-top fraction of the one percent. The matter is made particularly relevant by the recent spike in Romney’s national unfavorable rating, and, of course, by the degree to which his proposed policies would strip the middle class and the poor of needed support while slashing the tax burden on himself and his fellow travelers in the highest echelons of wealth.

ThinkProgress has the video compilation of Romney’s most revealing statements. Watch it: