VIDEO: Navy Veteran Confronts Police About Violence Against Vets At Occupy Santa Barbara

Last night, police at Occupy Santa Barbara arrested protesters who were insisting on staying in a public park. Before these arrests were made, a man who identified himself as Danny, a Navy veteran, confronted police about suppressing the rights of protesters. “I made a [expletive] oath and I’m going to keep it,” Danny told the officers. “As long as your fellow brothers in blue keep beating on veterans, I would either get out of the badge or expect a lot of trouble to come from veterans….You want to watch some video? You watch a cop 20 feet away intentionally throw a flashbang onto [Scott Olsen’s] head while he’s knocked out unconscious from a [expletive] rubber bullet. Watch 400 Boston police attack a hundred Vietnam vets having a peaceful Vets for Peace rally….Is that the kind of badge you want to be behind? Anybody?” Watch it: