VIDEO: NH GOP Chairman Says U.S. Military Deaths Will Be ‘Completely In Vain’ If Obama Is Reelected

New Hampshire Republicans caused a stir earlier this year when they elected Jack Kimball, a far right Tea Party politician, as the new party chairman. Since his election, Kimball’s extreme views have been eclipsed by Republicans in the legislature, who have spent the past months slashing funding for healthcare, education, and other radical right priorities. However, recent video from a local Republican event may thrust Kimball back into the national limelight.

Last week, Kimball and several legislators gathered in Greenfield, NH for a “Flag Day Picnic” with party activists. Explaining the sacrifices made by people in the military, Kimball warned ominously that all would be “completely in vain” if President Obama is reelected next year:

KIMBALL: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m looking at what has happened. All that we treasure lost: people, the loss of life, people who are psychologically and physiologically damaged for life, the sacrifices of the families that supported then. All of this. And I wonder what we did. Look at who we put in the White House. You think about that and we realize the profound responsibility that we have this time. In my view, if we reelect this man, all that all of the people fought and died for is completely in vain.

Watch it:


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