VIDEO OF THE WEEK: The GOP’s ‘Utterly Surreal’ Contraception Hearing

The House Committee On Oversight and Government Reform held a hearing yesterday on the Obama administration’s now-revised ruling that all employers must cover contraception in their employee health insurance policies, including some religiously-affiliated ones.

The hearing succeeding in becoming one of the more bizarre and obtuse displays in recent political theater. Highlights included:

— Committee Chairman Darrell Issa’s (R-CA) use of self-aggrandizing posters of Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, and Mahatma Gandhi.

— The committee’s failure to include even one woman as a witness in their first panel.


— The ominous insistence that an honest disagreement over a health policy that’s already followed without complaint in multiple states and enjoys wide-spread support is a threat to fundamental American principles and liberties.

— A long and rambling speech comparing a fictional “national pork mandate” to important women’s health drugs.

ThinkProgress has the video round-up: