VIDEO: Police Chief Calls Secretary Kerry A ‘Piece Of Shit Traitor,’ Then Fires Machine Gun

Former Gilberton, Pennsylvania Police Chief Mark Kessler
Former Gilberton, Pennsylvania Police Chief Mark Kessler

Gilberton, Pennsylvania Police Chief Mark Kessler videoed himself making a profanity-laden rant attacking Secretary of State John Kerry, before screaming out “come and take it motherfuckers!” and firing a machine gun off camera. He posted this rant on YouTube earlier this month:

Kessler begins his rant by reading a headline from a June 3, 2013 Fox News story — “Kerry says US will sign UN treaty on arms regulation despite lawmaker opposition.” He then launches into an angry rant professing his unwillingness to comply with this treaty should the United States sign it:

Secretary of State John Kerry — that piece of shit traitor! — who is he to decide what we can and can’t own? And fuck the UN! Who are they to decide what we, the American people can own? I’ve a message to Kerry, and to these cocksuckers in the UN. Here’s your fucking agreement [Kessler tears up a piece of paper]. Sign anything you want to sign. It’s not going to mean shit. It don’t fucking mean shit to me. You know what I have to say? Come and take it motherfucker!

The treaty Kessler refers to, which is a frequent topic of National Rifle Association fundraising emails, would actually have little impact on domestic gun owners. Rather, its purpose is to limit sales of attack helicopters, tanks and other large weapons, in addition to small arms and ammunition, to regimes engaged in human rights violations.


After his first video began to get noticed online, the police chief followed up with a second video in which he pretends to apologize for his first, before telling people who disagree with him to “go fuck yourself and get some more.” He then proceeds to fire multiple different kinds of automatic weapons while referring to the people watching as “fucking cocksuckers,” and telling “all you fucking libtards out” there to “grow a pair of balls.”